Graft Merchant Requirements

verifone terminal

Type of a SuperNode required: NONE

Hardware / Systems Requirement: Merchants have the following options at their disposal when it comes to enabling GRAFT Network payments at their location: Enable the existing payment terminal they are using (assuming it’s a compatible model) with GRAFT as an alternative payment method. To do this, they would download GRAFT app from the appropriate payment terminal’s marketplace (right now we’re actively working on support for Verifone and Ingenico). This way a merchant can use the same terminal for accepting traditional and crypto payments. Set up a separate terminal specifically for handling cryptocurrency payments. Use GRAFT POS if they don’t already have a POS / payment terminal setup or if they would like to start or shift exclusively to payments through GRAFT network.

Functionality: A merchant is able to start accepting cryptocurrency at their business without having to change processes, software, or retrain their staff. The merchant is further able to keep the funds in cryptocurrency or get instant or intermittent fiat payout.

Staking requirement: No staking is required for the merchant, however there are situations like accepting offline payments that might necessitate running a Supernode with a staking wallet on the point of sale system.

Incentive: The merchant is able to diversify their client base, appealing to crypto-owner demographic. The merchant gains an ability to have single payment processor for multiple locations, both off and online. Finally the merchant can consolidate their reporting, accounting, as well as facilitate fund distribution.

Steps: The merchant would need to contact the Merchant Service Provider to get set up, or they could set themselves up on GRAFT Network by download and running GRAFT POS application or install and configuring GRAFT Payment terminal application (in case of later they would also need to either host their own Proxy supernode or find a proxy Supernode provider)