GRAFT Simply Explained

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Check out this awesome and simple explanation of what the leader in decentralized cryptocurrency payments, GRAFT is.



Hey guys welcome back to All Things GRAFT.

In this short video I’m going to give you a simplified explanation of what GRAFT is and the important role it ends to play with in the world of cryptocurrencies.

So what exactly is GRAFT? Well to put it simply, all GRAFT is is a decentralized payment system, that’s it. There’s nothing really else to it.

Now you may be wondering, isn’t that what other cryptocurrencies already are? Decentralized payment systems? Well the answer to that is actually no. These cryptocurrencies are actually decentralized digital currencies, or more simply online cash.

There’s a big difference between a currency and a payment system. Most crypto currencies are the equivalent of what paper money is in the real world. They are like the Dollar, the Pound or the Euro, only they are not owned by any central government. They are digital forms of cash, and like cash can be used to pay for goods or services.

GRAFT on the other hand is a fully decentralized payment system. it is the equivalent of what Visa or MasterCard are, but without any central point of control. Visa and MasterCard makes it easier and more convenient for people to transact with paper money, and that’s exactly what GRAFT, does but it does it for those using crypto currencies.

GRAFT enables instant cryptocurrency payments at the point of sale, and takes away from merchants any of the risks associated with the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments. GRAFT is what many believe to be the missing link between cryptocurrencies and mainstream usage.

Now there’s actually a lot more to GRAFT which I can’t cover in this video for simplicity sake. You can check out my other GRAFT related videos to learn more or visit GRAFT’s website. I promise you’ll be amazed at what GRAFT is bringing to the world of cryptocurrency payments. Until next, time this is All Things GRAFT signing off.


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