June 6, 2018

About Us

The Story

When I first discovered GRAFT I was blown away by the fact that this is actually a real functioning project in a world where there are thousands of Crypto Projects springing up and most of them have no purpose whatsoever.

I realised quickly that GRAFT could be a game changer for merchants and shoppers alike.

I joined the GRAFT Telegram channel where it became clear I am not the only one that thinks this but the main GRAFT website was lacking information to help merchants setup so a few of us decided it might be a good idea to setup a seperate, easy to navigate website that serves to educate merchants on how to accept cryptocurrency in their stores.

I hope you find this site informational and if you have any suggestions pleasse let me know.

The Team



Founder and Developer

Crypto enthusiast and believer in GRAFT 

Developement and Maintanance

As anyone who runs websites know it takes allot of time and resources so any assistance would be much appreciated.

*Note that 10% of all donations will be directed towards the GRAFT Community Initiative


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