Want to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments In Your Store and get paid in local currency?

Merchants can accept cryptocurrency payments with the GRAFT network

GRAFT makes it possible to accept many different cryptocurrencies via your existing point of sale terminal or mobile device. The GRAFT network offers automatic currency conversions, loyalty programs, and cross-border payments.
Go to Accept major cryptocurrencies

Accept major cryptocurrencies

GRAFT point of sale software enables you to accept various cryptocurrencies without the need to maintain multiple apps and wallets

Go to Instant Payouts in your local currency

Instant Payouts in your local currency

Receive payment settlement in your local currency or the cryptocurrency of your choice

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Instant Confirmations Online and In-Store

Instant transaction authorization, within hundreds of milliseconds to a few seconds, which enables normal in-store and online checkout process

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Integrations with leading terminal providers

Graft is integrating with leading terminal providers which enables accepting cryptocurrency without changing your POS system

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GRAFT integration progress

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The future of GRAFT and existing payment solutions

GRAFT has passed a rigorous certification process, making it the first application to enable cryptocurrency payments using Verifone’s interactive series payment terminals.

The GRAFT developers are working on improving this application as well as building apps for other major players in the area of hardware payment terminals such as Ingenico.

Additionally, GRAFT just started designing the online shopping cart integrations – the first implementation is going to be an integration with Shopify, one of the most popular online store platforms. While it’s not within GRAFT’s charter to produce all the integrations, they take it upon themselves to provide reference integrations with few leading platforms, paving the way for the independent software developers to take GRAFT to all other platforms.

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